Michael E. Petrosky, M.D., F.A.A.P.

Pediatric Alliance — Wexford (2 years)


Birthplace:  Latrobe, PA

Education:  Greater Latrobe High School, Latrobe, PA/Washington and Jefferson College – B.A. in Cell/Molecular Biology/ West Virginia University School of Medicine – M.D.

Training:  Akron Children’s Hospital, Akron, OH.

Professional Interests:  Asthma/Allergies and Behavioral Issues.

What I Love About Pediatrics:  Kids are fun and honest. They are also quite resilient.

Favorite Patient Age:  I like any age that a child will interact with me.

Funniest Thing A Patient Has Said:  I had a female patient who was ill from strep throat accompanied by nausea and vomiting. I wanted to ensure she was treated well and elected for her to get a one-time injection of long-acting penicillin to avoid any oral medicine. She then wanted to make sure a nurse would give her the shot and not me to protect her modesty.

What Parents Can Do To Improve Their Child’s Health:  Be active and play with your kids and it will help everyone’s health.

Advice For A First-Time Mom:  Babies need a lot of care and attention, but you also need to care for yourself.

Best Advice Given To You:  Know what you know and know what you don’t know.

Personal Hobbies:  Watching movies, reading, and cooking.

Always In The ‘Fridge:  I have kids at home, so we have lots of milk.

Dogs or Cats?:  Dogs.

Favorite Vacation Spot:  Avon, NC on the Outer Banks.

Favorite Author:  Tie between John Grisham and Stephen King.

Favorite Food:  Well-grilled steak.

It’s Not Pizza Without:  Sausage and Peppers.

Favorite Movie:  The Shawshank Redemption.

I’d Love To Talk To:  Mr. Fred Rogers.

Favorite Season: Fall, football season.