Sarah Kohl, M.D., F.A.A.P.

Pediatric Alliance — Chartiers/McMurray (19 years)

Birthplace:  Wilmington, DE

Education:  I went to high school in Philadelphia, then to Cornell University where I studied agriculture BUT I discovered I liked working with people instead! (I did research on plants in greenhouses and was lonely, so  I found something similar but with people — medicine!) I attended Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia (M.D.)

Training:  University of California, San Francisco, including a year as Chief Resident. I worked in the St. Louis , MO area while husband was assigned to the Air Force and later moved to Pittsburgh to be near family.

Favorite Patient Ages:  Early elementary school (K-2). They are so curious about the world around them. Nothing is impossible to them.

What Parents Can Do To Improve Their Children’s Health:  Relax — enjoy spending time with their children. Raising children is both hard work and a delight. Pick a style which is comfortable for you. Don’t sweat the small details. We live in an anxious world which can make parent feel insecure. The parents I meet are doing a terrific job and their children grow up into wonderful and capable adults.

What I Love About Pediatrics:  Being able to see children grow up over time. Learning new ways to help parents keep their kids healthy.

Best Advice Given To Me:  Develop a full life, more than just your professional identity.

Patients Have Taught Me:  How to talk with people. I was very shy before I became a doctor. The kindness patients showed me help me come out of my shell.

Funniest On-Call Page:  The time Charles, the page operator, ‘discovered’ that my husband & I were married, even though we have different names. He thought we were having an affair!

Personal Hobbies:  Photography. I particularly enjoy intimate landscapes.

In My Spare Time: I love to travel and explore off the beaten path. The more remote, the better.

My Inspiration/My Heroes:  An entomology (study of insects) professor in college who figured out how antennae work by connecting two dissimilar ideas. I love how one seemingly unrelated idea can bring clarity to another idea.

What’s On My Bucket List: Travel, travel and more travel. So many places. Next trip is to remote areas of Sichuan, China in September.

Always In The ‘Fridge:  Fruit. It’s my secret vice, especially mandarin oranges.

I’d Pay To Dine With:  Oliver Sacks — his insights, humor, and love of all things science would make for delightful dinner conversation. Alas, he has passed.

One Brain I’d Like To Pick:  Ellyn Satter– nutrition expert for children.

Favorite Movie: The Big Lebowski. The Dude abides.

Dogs or Cats?  Dogs, no question! (We have two chocolate labs and one tabby cat).

Something People Might Not Know:  I have sailed across the ocean on a 32-foot boat in the days before GPS existed.