Joy Drass, M.D, F.A.A.P.

Pediatric Alliance — Bloomfield (1 year)


Birthplace:  Indianapolis, IN

Education:  New Palestine HS, New Palestine, IN/University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE –(B.S. — Major in Biology; Minor in Psychology)/University of Nebraska Medical Center — M.D.

Training:  Pediatrics, University of Missouri Health System, Columbia, MO

It’s Not Pizza Without:  Canadian bacon and pineapple

Professional Interests:  Newborn care, breast-feeding support, sports medicine.

Funniest Thing A Patient Has Said To Me:  This isn’t a quote but a story about how kids think. I was seeing one of my cutest 4-year-old patients for a check-up. I was talking with her mom and she appeared to be happily playing with a toy in the room, ignoring us. Mom was telling me about a concern and I said, “If she gets worse, I want to see her back.” The 4-year-old jumped up, ran over to me, lifted her shirt and showed me her back! Kids are pretty concrete thinkers.

What Parents Can Do To Improve Their Child’s Health:  Make sure kids move their bodies! I am a big believer in at least an hour of active play every day.

Personal Hobbies:  Crossfit, running, cooking

Favorite Patient Age:  I have two — I love the 6-month visit. By this time babies are generally happy, baby and parents are sleeping better, and everyone is really getting into a good rhythm and enjoying how this little baby is developing a personality. 6-month-olds smile with their entire body. I also love 4-year-olds. This is the age where kids really become interactive at the visit, they can start to answer my questions and are “brutally honest” about things. They are fun to interact with.

What I Love About Pediatrics:  Kids are so optimistic in their approach to everything. No matter how sick, they can still look at the bright side of things. They remind us that the little things in life make all the difference.

Always In The ‘Fridge:  Fresh fruit in the fridge and always ice cream in the freezer!

Best Advice Given To Me:  80% of life is about showing up.

I’d Pay To Dine With: Maya Angelou.

Dogs or Cats? Dogs.

Favorite Vacation Spot:  The beach.

Now Playing On My iPod: “Eye of the Tiger.” Mostly I listen to my ipod during exercise. My favorite is generally 90s hip-hop — it reminds me of my youth!

Items On My Bucket List:  Travel to Italy.

Why I Chose Pediatrics:  Working with kids doesn’t really feel like work.

Something You May Not Know About Me:  I received a college scholarship for gymnastics.

Favorite Author:  I love to read and it is difficult to pick just one author. I like James Patterson, John Grisham, and Jodi Piccoult.

School Memories:  I have many great memories from my time as a college athlete. I went to college far from home and the team became my family. I remember big meets and competition success as well as great times outside the gym. I am a big sports fan, and I went to Nebraska in the 90s when they were pretty dominant in college football. They won two National Championships when I was in college. Those are pretty fun memories.

Favorite Food: Chocolate

In My Spare Time: I have two kids, ages 14 and 11. They are, of course, pretty cool little people. When I am not working I love watching their activities and spending time with my family.

Who Plays Me In My Hollywood Biography? I don’t know who would play me, but I have had a few people tell me I look like Meredith Grey on Grey’s Anatomy, which I consider a nice complement.

Favorite Season: Fall—smores, changing leaves, crisp autumn air, and football.