Meet the physicians at Pediatric Alliance!



Katherine Walczak, M.D., F.A.A.P. – Pediatric Alliance —  Chartiers/McMurray Division (18 years)


Birthplace:  Groton, CT

Education: St. Andrews Priory School (Honolulu, HI)/ Colgate University/ George Washington University Medical School.

Training:  Pediatric Residency – Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Hospital Affiliations/Teaching:  St. Clair Hospital/ Magee-Women’s Hospital/ Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh/ Teaching — University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

Professional Interests:  I really like just being a general pediatrician, but I am interested in sports medicine and concussions.

My Inspiration:  I decided to go into medicine in elementary school and by high school I knew I wanted to be a pediatrician.  When I was 7 or 8, my Mom fell and hurt her knee pretty badly.  When she asked me to go get help for her, I ran and got my Dr. Kit!  Not quite what she had in mind!

My Hero:  My current hero is a patient who battled a life-threatening disease.  Before she was diagnosed she was pretty shy and fearful.  She told me once that if she had to see a surgeon, it would be her worst nightmare.  Well she had to do so much more than that, and now that she is better, she has grown to be a very mature and outgoing young woman!  And she plans to go into healthcare!

Funniest Thing A Patient Has Said:  A little boy was traveling to California the day after I saw him.  He told me he was going sightseeing there but his Mom had to stay in the hotel with his little sister.  When I asked him if he was just going to take a taxi to sightsee, he looked at me like I was the world’s biggest idiot and said: “Doctor I’m only 6!  I can’t take a taxi by myself!  My Dad is going with me!”  Up to that point, he never even mentioned that Dad was going too!

What Parents Can Do To Improve Their Child’s Health:  Send them out to play! And parents should go, too!  Today’s kids need to be more active.

Favorite Patient Age:  My favorite age has got to be 4 because they are so independent and strong willed, and manage to say the funniest things!

Hobbies:  I really try to practice what I preach when it comes to exercise.  Over the years I have done many different things.  I was a runner in my younger years but now, with older joints, I power walk.  I walked the Susan Komen 3 day, 60 mile walk last year to raise money for breast cancer, and I am currently training to walk a marathon.  I also love yoga, which is my reward at the end of the week for all my long distance training.  With the rest of my free time I am an avid reader and like to travel.

Dogs or Cats:  I’m a people person more than an animal person.  I have pretty bad allergies, but we do have a cat.

PC or Mac:  Mac.

I Like To Read:  Joshilyn Jackson, Wally Lamb, and Sarah Addison Allen.

Favorite Vacation Spot:  Definitely the beach!  I grew up in Hawaii and miss the beach all the time!

Favorite Food:  Probably chocolate cake!  I’m a firm believer in eating everything in moderation and feeding my soul, too!

Best Season:  Summer of course!  I really hate winter!  I am still a Hawaiian girl at heart!

What People Don’t Know:  I have a black belt in Karate!  And, if you post this on  Wednesday, it’s my birthday!