Deborah Rotenstein, M.D.

Pediatric Alliance — Endocrinology (12 years)

Birthplace:  Brooklyn, NY

Education:  Flushing High School/ University of Rochester (B.A. — double major Biology and Psychology)/University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine (M.D.)

Training:  Pediatrics Residency — Emory University; Pediatric Endocrinology Fellowship — Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Professional Interests:  Making kids grow and develop.

Funniest Thing A Patient Has Said To Me:  “I am worried about my precious puberty.”

What Parents Can Do To Improve Their Child’s Health:  Listen to their children’s concerns and give them advice on lifestyle via leading by example.

Favorite Patient Age: Ages 4 and 16.

Personal Hobbies:  Painting, music, reading, theatre.

What I Love About Pediatrics:  I love watching kids grow.

Always In The ‘Fridge:  Halava (marble or chocolate!).

Best Advice Given To Me:  Treat others as you would like others to treat you.

My Inspiration/My Heroes:  Theodore Roosevelt, who believed that if you did not read a book a day, it was a day wasted!

Dogs or Cats?  My Irish Setter, Red, was sweet but only did what he wanted to do!

Favorite Vacation Spot:  Jerusalem.

Now Playing On My iPod:  Scheherazade (Rimsky-Korsakov); Pictures at the Exhibition (Mussorgsky).

My Patients Have Taught Me:  How to be brave.

On My Bucket List:  Hiking in the National Parks.

Something You May Not Know About Me:  I have written 3 children’s books on Endocrine issues in pediatrics: Grady Bear; Greg and Gulliver; and Someday When I am Bigger.

Favorite Author:  Daniel Silva

School Memories:  I never cut a class in high school. On our last day of high school my best friend and I decided to cut chorus. We were outside when we saw the chorus file out. There was a substitute teacher, class was canceled, and so we never did get to truly cut that class!

Favorite Food:  Chocolate – I think it is a vitamin!

Funniest On-call Page:  A mom called in a panic to ask if growth hormone treatment would make her son streak across the football field!

In My Spare Time:  I garden and travel.

Favorite Movie:  “The Sting.”

Advice For First-Time Mom:  Trust your instincts.

I’d Love To Talk To:  My grandmother — I never met her. Her husband (my grandfather) died when my mom was 9 months old. My grandmother raised 4 kids as a single mom in Poland. She was smart with not much education but did not make it through the Holocaust. I heard a lot about her and she must have been an incredibly strong person to do what she did.

Favorite Season:  Spring – everything begins again!