Meet the physicians at Pediatric Alliance!


Brook McHugh, M.D. – Pediatric Alliance – Chartiers/McMurray Division (4 months!)


Birthplace:  Burlington, Wisconsin

Education:  Westosha Central High School (WI)/ University of Wisconsin- Lacrosse/ Medical College of Wisconsin

Training:  Residency and Chief Residency at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Hospital Affiliations/Teaching:  Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh/ Magee-Women’s Hospital/ St. Clair Hospital.  Clinical Instructor of Pediatrics at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

My Inspiration:  My own pediatrician growing up, Dr. Joe!  He is still practicing in Wisconsin.

My Hero:  My mother!  She is an amazing woman, a fantastic cook, and a wonderful person!  She has taught me everything she knows!

What Was Cool About Being Chief Resident?   The fantastic nursing staff, the amazing teaching provided by the attending physicians, seeing very sick kids get well again, and the opportunity to teach and work with the best pediatric residents at one of the premier hospitals for children in the world!

What Parents Can Do To Improve Their Child’s Health:  Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet and keep them physically active.

Favorite Patient Age:  They are all great, but I LOVE babies!

Hobbies:  Long walks with my daughter, baking, and spending time with my family.

Dogs or Cats:  Both!  I have a 22 lb. cat named “Guyton” (he was named after a cardiac physiologist!).

PC or Mac:  PC, but I do love my iPad and iPhone.

Favorite Vacation Spot:  Anywhere warm and sunny during the winter.

Always In The Fridge:  Cheese.  A Wisconsin girl can’t live without good quality cheese on a daily basis.  I am a “cheesehead,” after all!

What People Don’t Know:  I’m crazy about organization.  I don’t think I could make it through a single day without my to-do list!

Favorite Book:  Anything with a love story (minus anything sci-fi, and I really don’t like vampires! – even if it is a love story).

Favorite Season:  Fall — low 60’s, cool breeze, and beautiful colors!

Ketchup or Mustard (on your hot dog):  Mustard.

I Drive:  A Jeep Compass.  We’re a Jeep family!

TV Favorities:  “New Girl” and “Glee.”

When I Go Home To Wisconsin, I Look Forward To:  My mother’s cooking.  It’s the best!