Meet the physicians at Pediatric Alliance!



Edwin King, M.D. – Pediatric Alliance —  St. Clair Division (11 years)


Birthplace:  Manchester, New Hampshire

Education:  Keene State College (NH)/ Jefferson Medical College (PA)

Training: Thomas Jefferson University/ A.I. DuPont Hospital for Children Pediatric Residency Program (PA/DE)

Hospital Affiliations and Teaching:  St. Clair Hospital/ Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.  Teaching appointment in Pediatrics at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

Professional Interests:   I have a strong interest in holistic or bio-psycho-social care.  Which means taking ALL factors into account when considering illness and wellness in my patients.  Psychology, society, and culture  have a huge influence on wellness and illness..  Also technology and efficiency  in work systems.  I have recently  finished graduate work in clinical medical informatics (computers/business/quality in medical care).

My Inspiration:  Abused children.  A strong “Ounce of Prevention” mentality.

My Hero:  I have many.  Frodo Baggins is on my A list!  Lao Tzu.

School Memories:  Freshman year at Fine Art school; riding my bike across country for 2 ½ months; getting accepted into medical school.

Patients Have Taught Me:  Everyone has a very different perspective on reality.  Listening is crucial.

Funniest Thing A Patient Has Said:  Parent:  “I think he’s due for his distemper shot.” (A canine vaccine)  Or, little girl:  “Sometimes I choke on water because it goes down my wrongpipe.”  Or, little boy picking his nose:  “I have a boog!” (thinking that boog is the singular form of boogies).

What Parents Can Do To Improve Their Child’s Health:  Medically:  nutrition and fitness.  Get to know what the human body really needs vs. what our current culture presents us (fatty, salty, sugary, high volume diets).   Don’t feel guilty if kids refuse food and then offer fatty, salty, sugary food.  If hot dogs, fries, pizza, and mac-n-cheese  were to disappear from the universe I doubt any child in the US would starve.  AND stress reduction!

Favorite Patient Age:  No way, I can’t answer that!  I think they are all cool.  Even the “spirited” stages.

Hobbies:  I have been labeled a renaissance person, both left and right brained.  So art and science appeal to me.  I enjoy trying and learning about almost anything.   My current activities are glassblowing and traditional archery.  However I enjoy backpacking, SCUBA, sculpting, computer graphics,  photography, and more.

Favorite Season:  Summer — sun, outdoors, green.

Dogs or Cats:  Cats

PC or Mac:  I swing both ways though I own a PC.

Playing On My iPod:  Weird Al Yankovich’s “White and Nerdy.”  Seriously, it’s my theme song!  Also Bach, AC/DC, and The Crystal Method.

Favorite Vacation Spot:  60 feet deep in any warm ocean. (SCUBA tank required – without one, then it would be my least favorite vacation spot!).

Favorite Food:  Sushi.

Always In The Fridge:  Me!

I’d Love To Talk To:  A real live dinosaur.

Who Fills Out Your Golf Foursome:  Jesus, Leonardo da Vinci, and Buddha.  Especially since none of us can golf!

What People Don’t Know:  I have dyslexia.  I am an accomplished glassblower.  Please visit