Welcome to The PediaBlog:  an informative and, hopefully, entertaining way that we at Pediatric Alliance can communicate important topics unique to pediatrics.  Our target audience is varied:  parents who expect helpful and accurate answers to the variety of questions we get in our offices every day; their children (our patients) who seek the answers to different questions communicated in different (and, perhaps, more tech-savvy) ways; grandparents, who may be parenting two or even three generations of children (!); other pediatricians and physicians who may search for topics in pediatric medicine that interest them; and practically anyone else who is interested in children’s health.

For those readers who rely on blogs for at least a portion of their daily news and information, we have a responsibility to you to present issues we feel are appropriate for our target audience.  It is not our intention to create new controversies or fan the flames of existing ones.  While we will encourage comments from our readers, only those that propose an interesting question or foster a constructive discussion will be published.  This is not to say that this will not be an interactive site.  In fact, we want our readers to come to the site every day not only for pediatric news and information, but also as contributors.  And while readers’ comments will always be a driver of this blog, so will your submissions of photos, and art, and poetry, and music, and videos, and recipes, and other items we haven’t even thought of yet!

It’s an exciting information age we live in.  We look forward to continuing the profound two-way conversation we have in our offices every day in a new and exciting way.

The PediaBlog!