thThis post would have been more relevant three weeks ago, but better late than never! From Safe Kids Greater Augusta [Georgia], some age-appropriate gift ideas for children, with the focus on enhancing motor and cognitive behavior and promoting toy safety. One tip:


Ages 1 to 3: These little ones like to climb, jump, walk, throw, and play rough and tumble games. Try soft blocks, large blocks, push and pull toys, books, and pounding and shaping toys.


And for those kids looking to spend their Christmas cash or use their valuable gift cards:

Ages 9 to 14: Older children begin to develop lifelong skills and hobbies and enjoy team and individual sports. Handheld electronic games, board games, sports equipment (with protective gear), model kits, and musical instruments are some popular items.


It’s never a bad time to consider toy safety, especially if your house has a whole lot of new “merch”:


  1.  Check warning labels on toys to prevent unintentional injury or choking.
  2.  Inspect older toys for damage such as sharp edges or loose parts.
  3.  Store toys of older and younger children separately.
  4.  Avoid toys that contain lead paint. Even at low levels, lead exposure can impair cognitive function and I.Q. Likewise, discard toys containing lead that are already in the home.
  5.  Avoid toys with small parts or edges, toys that produce loud noises and projectiles (such as darts). Small parts can be choking hazards, and the projectiles could cause eye injuries.
  6.  Refrain from buying toys with strings, straps and cords longer than seven inches as they are a strangulation hazard.
  7.  Cap guns should not be given to children younger than 8 years as they can be ignited by the slightest friction and cause serious burns.


Cap guns?  Seriously?  How about NO toy guns?  How about THAT?


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