By Debbie Stickel, Pediatric Alliance — Administrative Office




The decision to be an organ donor for most can be a difficult decision and, to be honest, one that I never really thought about.  Every four years I would get a new driver’s license, and every 4 years the nice clerk would ask: “Do you want to be an organ donor?”  My response was always: “No thank you.” That was until my husband, Jeff, who had been dealing with Polycystic Kidney Disease, needed a kidney transplant.

Our transplant coordinator’s first question was whether we had any family or friends who would be willing to be a living donor.  I am not even sure I hesitated before offering to be tested.  After many tests to determine our blood types, health status and the condition of my kidneys, it was determined that I was a candidate to donate.  This was not an easy decision for my husband and me to make; we had 2 small children at the time and we both worked full time.  But with the support of our family and my employer, Pediatric Alliance, we made the decision that I would be my husband’s living donor.

The procedure for me was done laparoscopically and only required 3 days in the hospital.  The recovery at times for me was painful, but it has never been a decision that I have regretted.  My husband said he instantly felt so much better after receiving a fully-functioning kidney.

This April 25th will mark 10 years since Jeff received his new kidney — definitely something our family will be celebrating! April is National Donate Life Month; use the links below to learn more about life-saving contributions that people make every day.

Jeff and our daughter Jessica at the Fight PKD Walk 2011

Jeff and our daughter Jessica at the Fight PKD Walk 2011






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