Pediatrician Roy Benaroch has a bone to pick:

Dr. Google, you’ve let a whole lot of people down.

If you Google a vaccine question, and many parents have, you’re very likely to find a good, science-based answer — but it will be buried among dozens of sites with anti-science, pro-disease propaganda. The mountain of misinformation is staggering, with multiple anti-vaccine sites repeating each other in a seemingly endless loop of worry and dread. Let neither facts nor truth nor glimmer of honesty stay them from the swift completion of their self-appointed fear mongering rounds.


The two best websites (in my opinion) that present fact-based information about vaccines, and have been cited numerous times on The PediaBlog, belong to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Vaccine Education Center and the Center for Disease Control’s Vaccines and Immunizations page.  These sites are heavily biased — towards science.  Here you will find the rationale for the current guidelines and recommendations that define the standard of care for pediatricians who adhere to evidence-based protocols (which say, time and time again, that vaccines are effective and safe).

Another site that is really good with regards to influenza and flu vaccines is Families Fighting Flu(Be warned:  the home page may break your heart.)

Dr. Benaroch cites other internet locations and blogs for reliable vaccine information.  His blog is The Pediatric Insider and it’s a good one!

Finally, recommended viewing from a reader:

In a Mom’s group that I belong to a fellow Mom posted this video.  You probably have already seen it, however I thought it was a very good video and thought I would share!  It is kind of old, 2010.


An episode of the PBS series Frontline, this excellent hour-long program has the unfortunate title “The Vaccine War.”  There is no war here.  In fact, there is no controversy regarding vaccine efficacy and safety.  Not in 2010, and not today.

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