Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson is a pediatrician from Seattle who writes the terrific Seattle Mama Doc blog.  Today’s post struck a chord, reinforcing what we at Pediatric Alliance are trying to do with The PediaBlog:


Recently I read a patient review (online) from a parent who was frustrated I’d encouraged them to read the content on this blog. The comment implied that perhaps I was “pushing it.” And that’s the tricky part–when I first started writing this blog I was bashful to mention it in clinic. I wanted patients to feel comfortable NOT pressured. But now that I have over 350 blog posts showcasing research and pediatric health information it’s tantamount that I share it.  I mean, if I’m in the midst of a 15-minute visit and we touch on topics like getting a carbon monoxide monitor, the choking game, the Tdap shot, and the effects of TV on their kid’s developing brain, how could I not augment a parent or teens’ understanding by offering more information online?


Dr. Swanson continues with data regarding how people use online resources to get the  health information they need, as well as some helpful tips for “online diagnosers.”  This tip is especially good:

Look for advice from experts (psychologists, physicians, researchers). As parents and patients, we don’t make all of our health decisions using science but when we have the opportunity to use solid data to steer decisions, we want the correct sources. Your doctor can help vet the online voices to which you tune in. Ask your pediatrician or clinician what sites they trust the most.

Read (and bookmark!) Dr. Swanson’s Seattle Mama Doc blog here.