I wanted to briefly mention the photo that accompanied this morning’s post:



Yesterday while shopping for local strawberries and South Carolina peaches at a local farm market (Simmons Farm in Peters Township), I noticed a display of recently picked vegetables for sale.  What do you get for ten bucks?

  • Seven ears of corn.
  • A large yellow squash and a large zucchini.
  • A really nice head of broccoli.
  • Two deep red and large tomatoes.
  • A heaping bunch of green beens.
  • A dozen small cucumbers.
  • A large bunch of red chard.


Wow!  All fresh and all local.  And all will be devoured by my family (along with the amazing strawberries and peaches) by week’s end!

I was told that similar boxes of fresh veggies will be available daily at the farm market through the summer.

Now I need a recipe for chard.  Any ideas?