Now that Katie Sullivan Morford’s kids are back in school, she shares a few easy, fast, delicious, and proteinaceous breakfast recipes:



So this is for Rosie on especially busy mornings. And they’re for you, too, because your kids are doing exactly the same thing mine are. Getting older, needing breakfast.

The aim is to get some protein into her along with whole grains or wholesome carbs and healthy fats. Some of these meals are made the night before, others take a minute or two in the morning, several can be taken on the road, and all are easy enough for older kids to handle on their own.


I’ve made overnight oatmeal before and it’s delicious and creamy if you add equal parts of old-fashioned rolled oats, milk, and greek yogurt.  Mix together and refrigerate overnight.  The next morning, add nuts, granola, and fresh fruit.  You could zorch it in the microwave, but (I think) cold is better.

Try Morford’s “3 Ingredient Smoothie” with yogurt instead of Kefir (a fermented milk drink made from Kefir grains), or the “To-Go Yogurt Parfait,” or the “Nut Butter Banana Roll Up.”  Heck, try them all!