It’s a beautiful late Spring or Summer (or Fall) day in the ‘Burgh and you’re looking for a place to take the kids.  Nadine Champsi wants to turn you on to the “Top 10 Outdoor Play Spaces in Pittsburgh,” which includes the Discovery Garden at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens:

The Discovery Garden at Phipps is another favorite outdoor spot. This innovative play space encourages children to use their senses to understand biological concepts such as life cycles, species interdependence, and environmental stewardship. All in the name of fun. The play space is comprised of several gardens including the Bird, Butterfly, and Bee Garden which attracts wildlife and delights the kids, the Water Gardens with a mushroom fountain where children can fill up watering cans, and a woodland stream area with interactive fountain creatures. There’s also the Bog Garden with fascinating plants such as the Venus flytrap, and the Sensory Garden which stimulates all five senses. Other highlights include a maze, a pretend tree stump made for climbing, a rock pit for digging, burlap sacks and sticks for creating forts, and small sanded blocks of wood for building. My kids love it.


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