Hilton Head Island - 6/11/13


It took until the fifth tee for me and my son, Will, to become better acquainted with the other two members of our foursome. Jann, recently retired, was enjoying a vacation with his daughter’s family. Helping me search for one of my wayward drives, his son-in-law Travis proudly told me that he was a stay-at-home dad to his two little girls. Very cool! It occurred to me that I have known many men over the years who labor at this most important job. Homemaker? House-husband? Domestic engineer? Those three descriptions — like their female counterparts — aren’t very descriptive at all. Stay-at-home dad (and stay-at-home mom) sounds just right.

I didn’t get to play much golf with my own un-athletic father (who fell so hard for my mother that during their courtship, he lied and told her he loved to play tennis! He wasn’t any good at that sport either!). I’ve had the pleasure of playing plenty with my father-in-law, witnessing two of his three holes-in-one (I’ve had none!) and sharing the passion we both have for the game.

Travis and his father-in-law were clearly engaged in an intense match. No gimmes here! But you could tell they both shared the pleasure of each other’s company, as well as the passion they both have for the sport.

Travis (and I bet Jann, too) looks forward to playing golf with his two girls as they get older. I hope he discovers the joy of playing with his children as much as I have (and their grandfather has) with my three boys as they’ve grown up. It hardly even matters that this former 8-handicapper can’t even break 100 anymore. (Well, maybe it matters a little!)

Sunday is Father’s Day. Many of us dads will be glued to the TV watching the final round of the U.S. Open. (Or, we’ll be recording the final round on our DVR’s while spending all afternoon whistling a tune with our ears covered to avoid hearing the results! I know, it’s crazy!) I bet Travis and Jann will be watching it, too. I wish them and all dad’s everywhere — especially the stay-at-home dads — a very Happy Father’s Day!


— Ned Ketyer