As part of October’s LD Awareness Month, the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) held a contest for parents to tell their stories in six words.  If you know a child or have a child, or know a parent with a child, with a learning disability (and, if you have a clue, you do), you’ll find some of these stories of love and perseverence inspiring and heartbreaking.  Here are a few:

Talented, keeps teachers scratching their heads.

Dyslexia. Transformed struggle into success. Hopeful.

Dyslexic girl couldn’t read. Now writer.

Homeskoling is very harb to bo.

Wont give up for my son

So hard watching my kids STRUGGLE

Please Daddy, read the story again

We are a work in progress

All things are slowly coming together

Strategic gentleness,determined understanding, profound results.

Working college graduate…it CAN happen


And the winner:

Family motto, “label jars, not people.”



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