Last week, we ended our weeklong series on pediatric dental health with a mother’s question:

Do you have any advice on getting toddlers to brush their teeth? My son (2yrs) only likes to suck on the toothbrush and fights me brushing his teeth. I got him a toothbrush that sings and he just wants to play!


A reader responds via Facebook:

I have my kids imitate sounds- “Aahhhh” to get the back teeth and insides, “Eeee” to do the outsides, and “Blechhhhh” to do the tongue (not necessary, but I like to get them used to that too).  I usually look pretty silly making the sound and they are happy to imitate.  Oh, and I allow breaks for them to close their mouths between sections since it is hard to keep the mouth open long enough when I’m brushing (otherwise I have gotten them in the gums or roof of the mouth accidentally when they close too suddenly or too much).


The PediaBlog wants to know:  How do you get your feisty toddler and stubborn preschooler to brush their teeth?  For parents who have no trouble with this ritual, how do you do it?  Post your answers to the comments section below or respond at