Holding a child back from starting kindergarten until after the age of six is a common dilemma many parents face.  Kindergarten cut-off dates frequently make the decision for some parents.  But for others, the decision is not that easy.  Donna McClintock wants us to remember:

No matter WHAT you decide to do, we know for sure that parents must understand that a child’s brain cannot be redshirted or held back. The child’s experiences during the fifth and sixth year of life are extremely important because the brain continues to develop and form synapses, and learning is at an all-time high.

McClintock asks parents to consider three questions:

1. First and foremost, you must answer this: If you hold your child back, what will she do during this time of rapid growth and learning?

2. Is it your need or your child’s need to wait to enter kindergarten?

3. Are there resources available within the school that he could benefit from or do you feel that the program is simply too structured?

McClintock provides good insight regarding the answers to these questions.  Read her blog post from CNN’s “Schools of Thought” blog here: