Empowering children to learn how to take care of themselves as they grow into healthy and happy adults is a major responsibility parents have.  Finding the best resources for the needed information can be challenging.  Bonnie Rochman interviewed the author of the sequel to an American classic for girls — The Care and Keeping of You:

In my very first week of work my new partner pulled me into her office and said, There are three or four things you need to know about being a pediatrician: what drops you use for pinkeye, what medication to use for pinworms and every 8-, 9- and 10-year-old girls needs to know about The Care and Keeping of You. I had never heard of that book. I went home and read it. Then I understood because it’s written for kids and empowers girls to take care of themselves.


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A book for boys that covers similar topics is The Boy’s Body Book:  Everything You Need to Know for Growing Up YOU.