The fact that the earth’s climate is changing — that the global temperature is warming; that sea levels are rising as polar ice sheets are melting; that storms are more severe and deadlier than even computer models have predicted — is not debatable. It is not opinion. It is fact.

The fact that human activity is contributing to this modern cycle of climate change is also not in dispute (except for the most hardcore skeptics, of which there are very few).

The question that we must answer (in my opinion) is:  “What are we going to do about it?” I think this is the debate we should be having, and we should be having it soon. Some feel we should do nothing, because:  a.) things won’t be that bad;  b.) it will be too expensive to do anything;  or c.) it’s already too late to do anything. Others feel that we should do what we can to diminish humanity’s influence on climate change while, at the same time, preparing for its future.

The CDC has published a Public Policy Response for a Changing Climate. I found this sentence a little disconcerting:

The climate change funding for CDC represents the only U.S. Government investment dedicated to preparing our nation to anticipate and adapt to the health effects linked to climate change.


We have a long way to go. By “we” I mean all of us. Together. This is really a case where governments need to provide direction and leadership to individuals and to businesses and industry in order to limit the damage as well as mitigate the effects of climate change. At least the CDC is on the case!

CDC feature here:

For those who read blogs,  is perhaps the most accessible place to review the most current research and data on climate science. Climate Progress is another excellent site as well as the less partisan The Oil Drum.