We’re getting closer:

The year 2012 has seen a historically low number of polio cases worldwide, reinforcing a belief among experts that we are inching closer to eradicating the disease.

Jon Bardin at the LA Times Booster Shots continues:

The number of polio cases around the world that have been reported this year as of October dropped to 177, down from 502 cases as of October 2011. And for the first time ever, no new cases were reported in previously unaffected countries, meaning the geographic spread of polio has slowed.

But we’re not there yet.

Polio remains a serious problem in Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan, where researchers describe the disease as endemic.

And the reason?  Parental refusal to vaccinate.

It’s a small world.  As this horrible disease gets closer to extinction, it is important that we stay vigilant, and stay immunized.

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