By Joan Avolio, R.D., L.D.N. — Pediatric Alliance, Arcadia Division      JoanAvolio



How about a screen-free week?

Next week, people around the globe will be turning off televisions, computers, video games, and other electronics in an effort to spend less time sitting, and more time doing!  The reality of today is that many kids and adults spend more hours being sedentary than they are active.  This week, we are encouraged to turn off our screens and explore other activities that will get us moving and burning calories.

Follow this link for more information and ideas, then Turn Off the Screen and Move it Outside !

** Joan Avolio is a registered dietician.  She sees children and their families at the Arcadia Division of Pediatric Alliance.  Joan is a regular contributor to The PediaBlog.  You can read her Taste Buds columns here.