When Pediatric Alliance started publishing The PediaBlog in August, 2012, we envisioned a place where we could communicate important and relevant information to our target audience in a useful and entertaining way.  The hope was to extend the conversations that pediatricians and parents have each day in the office to our readers’ desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones by way of our Pediatric Alliance website and social media sites. Our wish on day one was to have an engaged and varied audience:

Parents who expect helpful and accurate answers to the variety of questions we get in our offices every day; their children (our patients) who seek the answers to different questions communicated in different (and, perhaps, more tech-savvy) ways; grandparents, who may be parenting two or even three generations of children (!); other pediatricians and physicians who may search for topics in pediatric medicine that interest them; and practically anyone else who is interested in children’s health.


Today marks The PediaBlog’s 1,000th post!  Since our very first post about children learning to be grateful for everyday things and making them happy and hopeful about life (“Be Grateful, Be Happy”), Pediatric Alliance has published a PediaBlog post every day!  Granted, we don’t shoot the videos for Saturday’s “Cool Video of the Week” or draw the cartoons for the “Sunday Funnies,” but we do spend a lot of very pleasurable time picking out the coolest and funniest ones!  A simple look through the archives down the right side of the page shows a diversity of topics that we think are interesting and meaningful to everyone who has an interest in children’s health and well-being.

Like everything we do at Pediatric Alliance, presenting The PediaBlog every day is a group effort, and if I have to thank some for their support and ideas and contributions, I’d have to thank all.  So I will:  Thanks to everyone who works at Pediatric Alliance for making The PediaBlog what we always hoped it would be from the beginning:  “An informative and, hopefully, entertaining way that we at Pediatric Alliance can communicate important topics unique to pediatrics.”

Finally, I’d like to thank all of you, our readers, for your trust in Pediatric Alliance and our providers and staff.  And I thank you for reading The PediaBlog and for following us and commenting on Facebook, on Twitter (@PedAlliance), and on The PediaBlog site — all of which can be accessed through our main Pediatric Alliance website.

I encourage anyone with ideas and comments to speak up, either in the comments section below each post or via email at palblog@pediatricalliance.com.  Let’s keep this conversation alive!