A reader comments:

I want to comment that I have never shared a bed with my babies but I often felt guilty not co-sleeping because it seems to be very “in” right now. I hear a lot about it with people my age. Those Moms don’t seem worried about it. They almost seem to look down on those who don’t co-sleep. I read a lot about it too. It is very trendy with the natural mom world right now.


There is a very good reason why this mother feels this way:



AAP recommendations for safe sleep include having the baby sleep in the same room as the mother for the FIRST 6 MONTHS!!

As Yogi Berra famously said:  You could look it up.


My colleague, Brian Donnelly, M.D., reminds me of the AAP’s expanded guidelines for infant sleep safety and SIDS risk reduction.  It’s right there between “Always use a firm sleep surface” and “Keep soft objects or loose bedding (pillows, blankets, bumper pads) out of the crib.”

The AAP recommends the following:

The baby should sleep in the same room as the parents, but not in the same bed (room-sharing without bed-sharing).


So that’s the official recommendation.  I agree with the no bed-sharing part.  I disagree with the room sharing.  SIDS is a silent event.  Having the baby in the same room won’t prevent SIDS.  It will prevent parents and baby from a good night’s sleep.

I stand by my opinion, though I appreciate the opportunity to set the record straight!