This Sunday is officially Grandparent’s Day.  I was lucky enough growing up to have all 4 of my grandparents intimately involved in my life.  Some of my best childhood memories come from when my grandparents would stay with my brother and me while giving my parents a break– to stay at work late into the night, to run errands, to have a quiet dinner together, to take a week to travel as a couple again.  These breaks were important to my parents to keep their marriage full and vibrant (and no doubt plot their devious parenting strategies!) , important to 2 young boys living and learning from their grandparents, and for our grandparents themselves.

Sharon Jayson reports that as grateful as we are to have grandparents in our kids’ lives, grandparents may be even more grateful for the opportunity:

Most grandparents babysit and provide financial support for grandkids as they try to save their children money and build stronger family connections, two new studies show.

Among findings, timed to Grandparents Day on Sunday:

•59% have at least one grandchild within 50 miles; 39% have one more than 500 miles away;

•62% have provided financial support to grandchildren in the past five years, averaging $8,289, primarily for investments and education;

•74% babysit or provide care weekly.

A big thank you to grandparents everywhere!

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