This CNN slideshow considers better choices for candy on Halloween:

  • Go with the dark chocolate.  It is healthier (higher in antioxidants) than milk chocolate.
  • “Fun-size” is a healthier portion than the regular size bars.
  • Chewy “fruit” snacks are not fruit.  They are candy.  And, soft and chewy candies are really bad for your teeth since they stick on them for a prolonged period of time.
  • Nuts and popcorn balls might be a healthier option.  (I worry about the aspiration danger with nuts, especially for young children).
  • Hand out toys instead of treats.  (Yeah, right…)
  • Lollipops without the gooey centers are usually smaller, less caloric, and don’t get stuck to teeth.


Finally, some advice for kids:  Share your candy (with your parents)!