Without a doubt, fever is a major cause of concern for parents. For pediatricians, not so much. Parents frequently ask: “When should I worry?” and  “How high can I let the fever go before I go to the emergency room?”

Hopefully, the article below by Dr. Tyeese Gaines will help, especially this section:

When to worry?

  • Fever in a child two months of age or younger
  • A child who still appears lethargic after the fever has gone away
  • Fever lasting longer than five days
  • Fever in a child with a lowered immune system or a chronic disease
  • Fever after spending prolonged time in the heat
  • A febrile child who is vomiting non-stop or not drinking fluids
  • Fever with a stiff neck and headache


I would also add the following:

  • Fever with rash.  (A rash that occurs once the fever has gone is most frequently viral and, therefore, not concerning.  A rash and a fever occuring at the same time IS concerning.)
  • Fever associated with severe pain (anywhere– head, belly, extremity, etc)
  • Fever and a bad cough or difficulty breathing.
  • Fever in a child who is not immunized or under-immunized.


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