TERNULLO2By Damian Ternullo, M.D., F.A.A.P. — Pediatric Alliance, St. Clair Division



Every year, various medical specialties and organizations meet in the United States and around the world to help shape the future, discuss important clinical advances, and listen to experts, so that physicians can stay on top of their respective fields.  In addition to clinical information, there are lectures about how to improve your practice. This year, over 14,000 pediatricians and pediatric subspecialists gathered in Orlando, Florida, for the American Academy of Pediatrics national conference.  I was proud to represent my colleagues, patients, and families at this meeting.

Pediatric Alliance — the largest independent pediatric group in western Pennsylvania — has made a commitment to the families we take care of to continually improve our practices to meet their needs.  This is why it was important to send a representative to the Orlando conference.

What does this mean for our patients?

In the coming weeks, I will be updating all Pediatric Alliance doctors and providers on new and relevant clinical information that was presented at this conference:  topics that continue to evolve in real time, such as bullying, ear infection and sinusitis diagnostic and treatment guidelines, bronchiolitis (a common viral lung infection so many of our patients experience every fall and winter), as well as ways to make the patient experience better.

At Pediatric Alliance, we take very seriously the experience and quality of care we provide our families and patients.  One physician-run committee that I am involved with is the Quality Improvement Committee.  This committee is responsible for tackling topics such as medical home certification, transition of care to adult providers for children with chronic healthcare needs, patient experiences, and other issues.

In the future I will be working with Dr. Ketyer to include some blog posts about various topics covered at this important meeting.  I look forward to sharing those with you.