Terri Otteni, Clinical Care Coordinator at Pediatric Alliance’s Northland Division, informs us of the The Woodlands — a non-profit organization in Wexford, PA that caters to children, teens, and even adults with special needs:

I never realized we had such an incredible resource right in our backyard! The camp is equipped to accommodate anyone with special needs, from severe CP through the autism spectrum, and everyone in between. It is a foundation, so they never turn anyone away due to financial need; they are experts at grant writing and working with case workers to find funding for the campers. They run weekend camps all through the school year, and week-long camps in the summer.


The Woodlands aspires to be recognized as “the premier organization for children and young adults with disability and chronic illness seeking experiences that enhance their quality of life”:

The Woodlands is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of children and adults with disability and chronic illness. Using its fully accessible and barrier-free facilities, the Woodlands’ programs enable participants to experience social, cultural, environmental, recreational and spiritual growth. Serenely nestled in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, the Woodlands’ 52-acre site features: an indoor heated pool, 48-bed lodge, dining hall, creative arts and computer lab, activity center, camping area, sports court, nature trail, adapted zip line, amphitheater, adapted kitchen, adapted archery range, and a par-3 adapted golf course. The Woodlands sponsors a variety of programs and is also available year-round to other organizations that serve individuals with special needs.


The Woodlands will host a family festival open to the public on Saturday, May 2. More details on our Pediatric Alliance Facebook page here.

More information on the Woodlands can be found in their brochure on their website here.