winter kids

Man, it’s been cold outside!  With school delays and closures the last few days, I’d bet more than a few kids develop a good case of cabin fever!  So what do you do when your kids seem bored and the age-old advice of “go outside!” doesn’t apply?  Camille Naylor has some ideas:

As I have been scrolling through my Facebook feed, everyone seems to have the same things to say:  “Give me ideas to beat cabin fever with my kids!”

Haha!  So thought that it might make a fun blog post to get some conversation started on The PediaBlog and on our Facebook page of suggestions for activities to beat the winter blahs.

My kids are 11 and 14 now so playing with mom isn’t as cool as it used to be, but I still play a TON of board games with them.  I had written a few suggestions to my eager friends (I was a stay at home mom and raised my kids before Facebook, Pinterest, and all social media was really booming, so I had to get creative on a limited budget) and they were all appreciative, so thought I would share.

  • Let the kids build forts made from couch cushions and blankets, give them flashlights & serve them a meal picnic style for a twist on a normal lunch.
  • Make fishing poles and paper fish with loops to catch them.
  • Play sorting laundry games like basketball shooting of clothes onto their appropriate piles.
  • Make a train out of the dining room chairs with the kids and their stuffed animals as the passengers on the “Polar Express.”
  • Make grocery lists by finding and cutting out coupons and ads.
  • Make some crazy Matchbox car ramps from books on top of tissue boxes.
  • Set up long chains of dominoes, then knock them down.
  • Pots and pans parties with spoons as the drumsticks.
  • Dress up with mom’s and dad’s clothes, make a video of their fashion show, and then make a snack and watch their video.
  • Mandatory “quiet time” for an hour minimum if they don’t take naps to keep sanity!


Any other suggestions to battle cabin fever?  Email them to The PediaBlog ( and we’ll post them!