The makers of Buckyballs, those popular magnetic desk toys that are disastrous when mistaken for candy and swallowed by young children, announced last week that they are stopping production:

We’re sad to say that Balls and Cubes have a one-way ticket to the Land-of-Awesome-Stuff-You-Should-Have-Bought-When-You-Had-the-Chance.”

Sarcasm aside:

“CPSC [Consumer Product Safety Commission] stands behind the case at this time,” commission spokesman Scott Wolfson said Friday. “We continue to allege and believe that Buckyballs and Buckycubes are dangerous and defective for young children as well as teenagers.”

Doctors have said “the injury pattern they are seeing in hospitals (after ingestion) is like a gunshot wound to the gut with no sign of entry or exit,” Wolfson said.

Bye-bye Buckyballs.

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