You are never too young nor too old to make improvements in life, even if they are just baby steps on the path to becoming a better person. The American Academy of Pediatrics says parents can help kids of all ages make meaningful New Year’s resolutions, which are a good way to reinforce the rules parents should expect their children to abide by:


  • I will try hard to clean up​ my toys by putting them where they belong.
  • I will let my parents help me  brush my teeth twice a day.
  • I will wash my hands after going to the bathroom and before eating.
  • I will learn how to help clear the table when I am done eating.
  • I will be friendly to all animals. I will learn how to ask the owners if I can pet their animal first.
  • I will do my best to be nice to other kids who need a friend or look sad or lonely.
  • I will talk with my parent or a trusted adult when I need help or am scared.


We’ll have some ideas for New Year’s resolutions for school-age children, tomorrow on The PediaBlog.


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