If Curtis Tate is to be believed, yes they can!

The Senate on Tuesday approved an aviation bill that requires major airports to provide lactation rooms for breastfeeding mothers, a provision pushed by Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri.


A 2014 study published in Breastfeeding Medicine revealed that only 8% of airports in the United States were “breastfeeding friendly,” providing the minimal requirements required by mothers who breastfeed or pump: A private space, not a bathroom, with a table, chair, and electrical outlet. Sen. McCaskill’s new bill will add requirements that the lactation room have a door with a lock (a no brainer if ever there was one — I bet the last bill was written by a male), and be accessible to people with disabilities.

If the House and Senate can come to an agreement on this commonsense bill and the President signs it, airports will have 2 years to install lactation rooms.

It’s about time.


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