Raising girls can’t be easy in this day and age when there’s so much pressure to be “super-thin and sexy too,” says Gail Saltz, M.D.:

Girls coming of age in the 21st century have more opportunities than any of the generations that preceded them. But they also face an array of pressures that are unprecedented. Girls are expected to become corporate executives and brain surgeons and Supreme Court justices, but they’re also expected to be beautiful and sexy — more so than ever before.

Which is why raising healthy, happy daughters has become more challenging, not less.


Nurturing a positive body image in daughters takes a lot of work — more than just ensuring proper nutrition and sufficient exercise — and requires parents to get real:

How do we get there? It doesn’t work to try to pretend the pressure to be model-thin and drop-dead gorgeous doesn’t exist, or lecture them on how appearance has nothing to do with who they are. They’ll just conclude that you’re completely out of touch. So what to do?


Dr. Saltz offers moms and dads seven important pointers to help their daughters “feel okay about how they look, and not let their looks dominate their sense of self-worth.” If you have a daughter of any age, this is an important article to read, save, and share with the other half of your parenting team.

Read “How to Help Your Daughter Have a Healthy Body Image” here.


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