“What do you look most forward to for the Thanksgiving holiday?” The PediaBlog asked around our Pediatric Alliance offices. Here are a few responses:


“A large and loud family gathering with the traditional turkey, ravioli, and pie.”  — Joseph Aracri, D.O., Greentree.


“I look forward to spending a whole day with family from near and far. We play games and watch football while surrounded by the smell and warmth of a turkey in the oven. Family, food, and thankfulness, it does not get much better than that!”  — Ashley Loboda, M.D., St. Clair.


“My favorite thing during Thanksgiving is spending time with family while baking some of our favorite family recipes. I love teaching my kids, nieces, and nephews the baking and cookie-making skills that my Italian grandmother passed down to me.”  — Susie Saunders, M.D., Arcadia.


“I look forward to a relaxing day with family and enjoying the food, football, and a long nap.”  — Deborah Gentile, M.D., Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology.


“I look forward to spending a day with my family, sharing food and laughter, and taking a moment to reflect on being thankful.”  — Sarah Kohl, M.D., Chartiers/McMurray.


“We do a quiet Thanksgiving… just myself and my kids. So what I look forward to is the calm, the time out from our chaotic lives. Quiet dinner with my kids, talking and laughing, no dance classes, and no boy scouts, no rehearsals.”   — Rebecca Scalise, Special Projects Assistant, Administrative Office.


“I look forward to watching my kids interact with multiple generations of family. And for dinner, it’s all about the stuffing for me!”   — Hilary Garbon, M.D., Northland.


“Spending time with family. Cooking and feasting are fun, too, but relaxing with loved ones is precious.”  — Brian Donnelly, M.D., North Hills.


“I’m thankful to have my entire family together to celebrate the holiday. My children will both be home and they are fortunate enough to have all four of their grandparents as well as their aunts, uncle, and cousins coming to our house to celebrate with them. I do complain about all the cleaning and shopping and cooking that I need to do but I truly love having everyone together!”  — Leslie Soloshatz, M.D., Arcadia.


“One word: GRAVY!”  — Edwin King, M.D., St. Clair.


“On Leaving Lonely Newark Station”

In addition to all the traditions we all look forward to, I like to smile on some of the long-forgotten memories that resurface during these holidays. I recollect those lonely rides back to Philly on the night train from Newark after spending the weekend with family during those “lost years” of college and medical school. As the train pulled out of the station with the speed of a sloth, I could see below the tracks the small homes of the city-dwellers. Through the bleak darkness I could easily see into the lighted family rooms of the homes — adults laughing or watching television, children playing with siblings or pets, older folks hunkering down for the night by eating snacks. The artificial light but true tenderness emanating from within the modest homes replaced my personal emptiness during the long night ride back to ambiguity. I remember these feelings of loneliness with an ironic fondness today, as I am thankful that it has been many years since I have been the one “on the outside looking in.”  — Anthony Kovatch, M.D., Arcadia.


All of us at Pediatric Alliance wish all of you a peaceful and tasteful Thanksgiving!


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