Last week’s post by registered dietician Joan Avolio (“Taste Buds: Lunch and Snacks”) elicited this question from Dr. Tony Kovatch:

Dear Joan:  I have consistently eaten a lunch consisting of bread (often old) and caffeinated pop (often flat) for many years — what are the consequences to my health? My rationale is that this modest lunch keeps me light on my feet. Am I a fool for thinking this? Hit me with your best shot! LOL Tony


Joan’s response is, of course, well worth posting:

Dear Tony –a busy doctor and runner does need to stay light on his feet. I suggest getting some fresh tasty bread and adding some lean protein such as turkey, chicken, or hummus for some staying power. Replacing the extra sugar and caffeine in the soda with pure water, which is the best choice for hydration, will help to keep you going through those afternoon appointments and workouts. Lastly, adding fruits and vegetables at lunch and snacks will give your body the nutrients it needs to keep going strong. I challenge you to make these changes and see how much better you will feel. I can’t think of a better way to get the message across to your patients than to give them a first hand account of the benefits of eating healthy!!